Monday, April 03, 2006

Five Mile Creek

This afternoon Greg, Mia and I went down to where Greg's family used to have a cabin, just over the line into Oklahoma. We chatted with Madella, who owns the property, and wandered around the creek a bit.

Madella reminded me how everyone finds beauty in their world. She had a bouquet of jonquils sitting on a table on her front porch, and also a cloth over another little table on the porch. It was such a nice scene. And, the white kitty that made an occasional appearance completed the view.

I hunted rocks, making some good finds. There are lots of fossil rocks there. There's also a lot of variation in colors in the rocks. It makes rock hunting all the more fun. The first rock I picked up has a hole all the way through it. It will be jewelry for me sometime very soon.

The water there is clear and so you can see the rocks through it. We also spotted tadpoles and frogs and lots of snails. Snails are a good sign because that means the eco system is healthy.

I also did a little quickie watercolor of a log in the water. I hadn't played with my watercolors in awhile, so it was good to have them out again.

I have made my own little travel set of things for watercolor, complete with a mini M and M's tube that was in my Chritmas stocking two years ago to hold water. Amazingly enough it's water tight and it fits into the carrying case where I keep everything I need for watercoloring. I love Ninj brushes - they truly changed my art life.

This afternoon I also played - ever so briefly - with the small colored pencil set I bought at the Getty museum in LA. I had forgotten all about it, but rediscovered it today in my bag. I didn't have time to do much with it but that's just a good project for another day.

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