Thursday, April 27, 2006

Taste of Home

It has been a busy couple of days - so busy I haven't been able to find time to write about it here!

Yesterday I helped with the Taste of Home Cooking Show. This is always fun to do. This was my fourth year to do it. We go in the morning and prep things - chop, dice, etc.

This year the recipes were more complex than last year so it took us longer to prepare. Then we have a break and come back and help on stage during the show.

It's a fun group to work with. The local newspaper sponsors it and Joyce Hall organizes this part of it. Her sister, Jackie, helped and Gayla - who I just adore. She's someone I've run into for years off and on but until I started doing this I didn't work closely with her. But, this is a good group - everyone works hard.

The trickiest thing for us is that we do this in the sports arena so we don't have running water where we're working. We have to haul water in from the concession stand area, half an arena away. It's the hardest part.

They really have a system. Everything is very organized. We get to keep the aprons, which I love. It's always a fun day.

I'm amazed at how excited people get to watch someone cook. Makes me think I should invite people into my kitchen for a fee.

Kristi - the new home economist - was a dream to work with and did a great job.

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