Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tech Support

I should start every single phone call to Cox Tech Support by telling them, "please, do not at any time during this call use the phrase, 'we do not support...'" It must be their most often used phrase and it ticks me off every time I hear it. You'd think they might make the connection that people who are high speed customers might be more heavy duty computer users and therefore might have ventured beyond Outlook.

"Is there a router hooked up" would be a close second as to their most often used phrase. In all the times I've called them - once it was the router.

After a while, I start to believe they cannot diagnose or fix any problems so it's easier to just hope there's a router they can blame for the problem. If that doesn't work, they just don't support whatever program you're using that you happen to have a problem with.

I will say for them, however, that I always get a native English speaker, which I appreciate.

And, in reality, this problem will probably self correct. Someone will discover there's a problem after a few hundred more people call and complain. So, I guess I'll just wait.

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