Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tulips Abound

The bulbs I planted in December are doing their thing now. I'm hoping I still have many more to come up because I know I planted many more than are blooming now. I have no idea how these things work, but hopefully more will poke their heads up and bloom yet.

I took time to snap the photo and then went back in the house to get a vase to take some to the office. They were such a cherry thing on my desk all day.

When I got home tonight I decided to pick a few to bring inside. Susan gave me this beautiful Czech glass pitcher when I was at her house.

She collects Czech glass and I admired the beautiful green of this one and she just gave it to me. I told her repeatedly it was not necessary, but she insisted that she would just give it to me later anyway.

Even then I pictured it with tulips in it. It's just as pretty as I anticipated it would be.

I had lunch with Trish today and we had a good conversation. That is a friendship I really treasure. She makes me think. And she's one of those friends who will accept you however you are at the time - happy, sad, puzzled, whatever. There's a lot to be said for that in a friend.

I popped in to see Diana briefly between visiting the bank and going to lunch.

Then I had dinner with Teresa, which is always fun, so it was a nice day of friends. I even worked in a call with Peggy this afternoon while doing some catch up work at the office.

Tonight I've been working on various projects. I'm devoted to the idea of making a living being me, so I'm investing a lot of time and energy in that these days. It's not leaving me a lot of time for other things, but I know it's the thing to do in the long run.

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