Sunday, May 21, 2006

The weekend

It's nearly 10:30 on Sunday night and I haven't gotten nearly as much done this weekend as I'd hoped. I could use another weekend day.

Yesterday I did a lot of work outside. It was cloudy and cool. I got the strings up for the morning glories to climb on and I did some other gardening things. This morning was much the same way so I took advantage of the cool weather then too. Unfortunately, this afternoon it got hot and apparently it's going to be that way all week. I still have more gardening things to get done. I guess I'll try to get up extra early and do it before work. It is just too miserable when it's 94 degrees to be doing much outdoors. At least for me.

This afternoon Terry and I went to the Fox to see Napoleon Dynamite. I hadn't seen it before. I rarely go to movies, but I'd heard so much about the need to Vote for Pedro that I wanted to see it. I'm glad I did. It was fun.
My weekend was capped off with a home cooked meal, which was nice. Sondra invited me over for dinner tonight. She cooked green beans and potatoes and corn on the cob, as well as salad. It was great.

I have been getting up really early lately. For some reason I just keep waking up early - not sure why - but I do. Of course, if I want to get some gardening done early that's just as well.

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