Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Today has been a full day of garden tour work, but it has been productive. I did take time for Democratic Women's Club today at lunch, then dinner with Susan.

Seeing other people's gardens reminds me of how lacking my own is in so many ways. One of the guys on the garden tour has offered to share any plants with me that he has extras of. He has tons of day lilies. Maybe I should take him up on that when it's time to do that. I'll have to see when you do that but I'm guessing in the fall.

I still have bulbs I haven't gotten in the ground yet. I'm also realizing that I don't have much that is in bloom at the moment. I had tulips and daffodils early but now I've got very little. I'm not sure what I should plant to have pretty flowers this time of year, but I need to find out. Day lilies maybe... I do love the lamb's ear and mint but they're not colorful. And I really like to bring flowers into the house so I need to plant something additional.

After the garden tour I'm going to take some time to focus on my life, which has been a bit neglected lately. My living room has become pathways. I want to actually deal with the stuff that's in there - get it where it belongs and make my living room into a living room again.

I also need to get over to Wichita to the Sprint Store. I believe I am in need of a new cell phone yet again. This one seems to have "issues" as they all seem to have after a very few months of use.

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