Thursday, July 27, 2006

Finding a Good Man

I heard a song today that refers to Finding a Good Man. I was thinking about the men I've dated and I think I've found every single one of those mentioned in the song, with one exception that I don't think really exists.

liars (check - don't lie to me - especially when the truth would suit better)
cheaters (check - but only once - learned that lesson quickly and thank goodness wasn't stupid enough to fall for the "I'm sorry, it meant nothing, it won't happen again, I'll make it up to you" crap - yeah, you can make it up to me when you can turn back time and not do it - until you have that power don't bother me again)
cold mistreaters (check - people sometimes have odd ways of showing their love for you - people can be more cold-hearted than you ever would have imagined when they were telling you how much they love you - was that just yesterday?)
Momma's boys who can't make a stand (big check on that one - I hope I've learned that lesson because this one is quicksand)
superficial players (check - hasn't everyone been down this road)
"I love ya" too-soon-sayers (big check - it creeps me out when you tell me you are going to make me fall in love with you on the first date - save it until you at least know me well enough to know I'm not a serial killer)
big-talkers (check - talk is cheap)
bad losers (check - let your 6 y/o niece win the game for goodness sake)
fast movers (big check - sorry, you just can't sleep with every guy who asks you)
listener (check - they're jewels - rare and precious)
perfection (not yet - although love and lust have blinded me to the fact that this doesn't really exist at times)

Fortunately, I was always smart enough to stay away from the liars, mistreaters and players for the most part. I did make one mistake with a cheater - but I learned from that.

The odd thing about it all is that I just find this more humorous than upsetting. Men come in all types, just like women do. I've had some wonderful men in my life and you take the bad traits with the good one.

I've been crazy about a Momma's boy but I think once is enough in a lifetime. You just can't compete with his Momma or his Daddy and what they think, so don't even bother trying. 'Cause I can guarantee you that you're not good enough for their little darling - he already knows it, but he really wants to pretend that he can stand up to them. He can't. And eventually you're out and Momma and Daddy are back in and that's the way it will always be. I'll file that one away in the "lessons learned" category.

Overall, I've been very fortunate when it comes to the opposite sex, but it's fun to remember people who taught you important lessons in life - even if they were painful at the time. My heart has been broken. My heart has healed. And I'll no doubt repeat that cycle again if I live long enough. 'Tis life - rich, wonderful, exciting, rewarding, funny, painful and enticing.

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