Saturday, September 16, 2006

Henna Tattoo

I did something last night I've never done before... got a henna tattoo. I'm not sure exactly why I wanted to do it, but I did. I went by a tent at the Kansas State Fair where this lady was doing them and thought about getting one. I decided to go ahead and do it and I've already had fun with it.

I picked out a design in a book and she did it by freehand on my palm. She embellished it a bit and changed it, making it even better than the one in the book.

It was a paste and very 3-D on my hand. The trick was that it had to dry for 15-30 minutes. I didn't really think about that - but I was basically incapacitated for awhile.

The wind was blowing about 900 miles an hour and I couldn't even pull my hair up because that took two hands.

She said it would start falling off by itself and it did. The instructions said that in two hours I could scrape off the dried paste.

It was interesting when some it was off and some was still on - you could start to see what it was going to look like.

Today it is a bit darker it seems to me. It's supposed to last for 2-3 weeks. I'll keep you posted on that. It's on my right hand, and I'm right handed, and an obsessive hand washer. So, we'll see how that goes. I hope I have some left in a few days.


Jordan said...

I believe you had said they had completed the tatto in 10 minutes or so, that is very suprising to me. It looks to big and has a lot of detail to have been completed in just 10 minutes.

Patsy Terrell said...

It was fast once she started working. She just freehanded the whole thing, glancing occasionally at the pattern, and then added in some extras here and there.