Saturday, October 21, 2006

Four Hours

I have four hours before I go to an event tonight and I am working to motivate myself to be in constant motion between now and then. Admittedly, some of that time will be spent preparing for tonight and getting ready, but I need to work on my house - seriously need to work on it.

I've been gone so much that I've just been bringing my suitcases home, dumping them out, washing the clothes and repacking. Once again, I'm reminded that I should just toss out everything that's in my closet because I don't wear it. However, I did just this week get some winter clothes out of it so I guess I am wearing some of those things. Yeah, that's right. Those are the out of season clothes. OK, even I can't believe that.

The problem has been that everytime I've repacked I've left some things behind - in the living room - not where they belong. So, I need to deal with that. I'm a big "piler" of things and that just leads to a great big old mess.

To top it off, I have to clean everything in my kitchen because I've had a mouse. The mouse is now dead and dispatched out of the house, but of course I think he's been all over everything in the kitchen so I've got to wash it all. Again. I just did this a couple of months ago. Lucky me, I get to do it all again because of that nasty little thing. I despise them in a way that cannot really be explained with words - not in a "I'm scared of them" way, but in a "I'm disgusted by them" way. Don't write and tell me how wonderful mice are and how awful it is that I killed them. I'm not living with them. You can if you wish, but I'm not going to. I don't go hunt them down, but if they get in my house, they're not getting out alive if I can help it. There's a whole huge planet outside of my house, but these 2600 square feet are off limits.

I've got the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer going. I must get me going again...

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