Thursday, December 14, 2006

Polar Express and More

Greg and I went to see The Polar Express at the Cosmosphere last night. They have an IMAX screen and it was really cool to see it there. Frankly, I liked it better than I did in the theatre originally.

I'm enjoying the holiday season immensely. Last night Teresa brought her mom over to see the tree. I love to share, so I was glad she could come. She was talking about divinity and how much she loves it. I haven't made any yet this year but if I do I'll make sure to save some for her.

I'm pretty much glued to the computer today. I have a ton of year end things to get out the door for the MHA and some prep things to do for things happening in January and February too.

I have a lot of financial things to do and that is my least favorite. But, it has to be done so I'm going to just get it done and be done with it. I don't trust myself with detail things so I have to check and double check and then have the accountant triple check. It's just time consuming and brain draining for me.

Tonight is our Chicks gathering. I'm not sure what to take, yet, but I guess I need to figure that out pretty shortly. It will be good to see everyone. I have my ornament for our exchange ready to go so at least that's done.

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