Friday, January 19, 2007

Creative Projects and Creative Sisterhood

Last night I went to Diana's store to make vision collages. It's something we have heard about from multiple sources, but haven't done.

Debbie, Diana, Austin and Amy and I were there. I didn't get one made, but I found some photos I liked.

What I really want my collage to be is about making a living being me. I'm just not sure exactly what that looks like, yet, which is probably why I couldn't illustrate it with a collage yet.

Making a living being me is my number one priority. I want to get up every day and do the things I am prone to do anyway, and have that be my living. I need time to devote to my creative pursuits.

Tonight was Creative Sisterhood and it was a really great evening. Julie wasn't here but everyone else made it.

My topics were my recent job evaluation and also my trip to Texas, and how both of those have affected me and what my next step in life should be.

It was a wonderful gathering. In January we always go through our jar. Each month we write, if we want, a thought on a slip of paper and leave it in the jar. January is our time to go through it.

I was surprised tonight that it has been less than a year since some really major things happened in my life. Time seems to be moving more slowly, and I like that. I like to savor life.

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