Sunday, February 18, 2007

Olde Towne Restaurant in Hillsboro, Kansas

Mark, his friends Carl and Chris, and Wayne, are in the area from Kansas City this weekend. Carl is notorious for planning what has now been dubbed the "food coma caravan" trips.

I'm quite impressed with what they do. They get The Kansas Guidebook by Marci Penner and plan a route, with the idea of hitting a number of local restaurants along the way. They had breakfast at the Burns Cafe, lunch at the Breadbasket in Newton and dinner at the Olde Towne Restaurant in Hillsboro.

I didn't get to join them until dinner tonight, but it was a blast. Greg and Mia had lunch with them today, too, but I was at the retreat and then Trish and I had lunch here.

On the drive to Hillsboro Greg, Mia and I were treated to a nice sunset, too.

The Olde Towne Restaurant is in a building built in 1887. Greg and Carl explored it and its multiple levels. The rest of us just ate. It's a German buffet - $11.49 for an adult - and includes a salad, dinner and dessert.

We asked one of the servers to take our photo. That's Mark in front, Mia in the orange, Chris in the green shirt, Wayne in the center, Greg in the blue jacket, me behind Greg, and Carl - the mastermind - is the tall one in the back.

It was a blast to see them. I hadn't gotten to see Wayne in a long time. The open road suits Carl and Chris. Mark is always fun. It has been a long time since I've seen Mia - that girl works hard - so it was nice. I wish I had time to see them all more.

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