Friday, March 30, 2007

Splurge! Magazine in Wichita

Well, today I get to feel like a celebrity. OK, no one has asked for my autograph or anything. Not yet, anyway... but it could happen... at least in my fantasy world.

I'm one of the "Splurge! Blurbs" this month in Wichita's city magazine, "Splurge!" If you click on this photo you'll get a version big enough to read, that shows the other two folks featured this month, too.

Of course, I just scanned this, so it doesn't do justice to the magazine. "Splurge!" is a really beautiful magazine - slick, full color, very upscale - fashion, restaurants, happenings, etc.

Thank you to the people involved who have made me feel all warm and fuzzy today.

The magazine can be picked up at various locations around Wichita, including one of my favorite restaurants, Yia Yia's, where I had dinner tonight.

Well, I'm going to enjoy these 15 minutes or 15 seconds or whatever it turns out to be...

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