Saturday, March 03, 2007


Greg and I returned to Hutch tonight, after a whirlwind couple of days. Of course yesterday was devoted to seeing Bill Clinton. Today we spent a majority of the day at the Kansas Capitol building. We wanted to take the dome tour, and ended up getting the dome and historical tour with a lovely woman.

As we were leaving Topeka, Greg realized there was a lunar eclipse going on so we took note of that and lamented we had not paid closer attention. Greg is very observant about such things, but it was almost over by the time we noticed.

I dropped Greg off a little after 10 tonight and I am trying to catch up on some correspondence and other writing since I got home. I need to spend parts of tomorrow at the computer and the writing desk.

I have been neglecting my handwritten correspondence lately and I need to devote some time to it. I'm considering moving my writing desk into the downstairs sunporch, in front of the window. That seems like it would be a lovely place to write, particularly in the early morning. I enjoy the feel of pen to paper, chosing the stationery, and the look of a letter ready to be dropped in the mailbox. There's something special about having a place where you sit down specifically to write by hand.

I do nothing at my writing desk except write notes and journal. I do not use a computer there, nor do I pay bills or anything of that nature. That space is sacred for communication by the handwritten word - whether it be with the outside world or my inner world.

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