Friday, April 06, 2007

Chinese Garden on PortlandMany

I have a bad habit that I can't seem to break. I go somewhere and see or do something really cool - I take lots of pictures and gather tons of information - and I fully intend to blog it - in great detail. And a year later, or two years later, the photos are languishing in my harddrive, the information is scattered here and there, and life has moved on offering yet new cool things to blog.

Well, I'm trying to rectify this on even a tiny scale by sharing some photos from last fall's trip to the northwest.

One of my favorite stops was a visit to the Chinese garden in Portland. It was on my "maybe" list, and could have easily been missed. Thank goodess I got there. It was an amazing place.

It covers a relatively small area, but it seems much larger. And it's right downtown. I can't recommend it heartily enough. If I lived in Portland I would definitely have a membership so I could go all the time.

They have these amazing rocks that were brought from China that has these holes in them. They're a specific formation and incredibly cool.

There were tons of water lillies and fishies, of course.

And a ton of amazing vistas...

all with great walkways...

Many, many, many of the pathways were these intricate designs of rocks. They had a dozen different combinations and everyone was incredible cool. One of these days I'll get more of the pictures done and post them.

As you may know from reading here I am a rock lover, so this was paradise on many levels to me.

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Anonymous said...

Wow how beautiful! If you ever have the chance to visit Richmond, Va there is a place called Maymont. It's amazing, they have both a Japanese and Roman Garden. A must see. ~ Jules