Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fresh Eyes

I spent the day with my brother, Jim. We had some a really good conversation.

Jim and I haven't had the opportunity to spend a lot of time together because we have never lived in the same place since I've been an adult. We still don't but now that he's in Kentucky where everyone else is, I get to see him much more.

After visiting with him I came back to Jackie and Mary Ann's and spent some time in their backyard journaling. I sat where I could look out at the sunset. They have most of the chairs oriented the other way because they are early risers and are much more likely to see the sunrise.

And I had this lovely view...

It's sometimes difficult to see places you're used to with fresh eyes, but when you give it a go, you're likely to find things that seem new to you again. Jackie has always had  real appreciation of history.

Jackie and Mary Ann love birds of all sorts. In the summer she has hundreds of hummingbirds, but it's still early for them. There was one yesterday and two today. However, there are houses for other birds, too.

Last Sunday while they were gone to church, a large tree at the back of the yard fell over. It was probably rotten for some time and finally fell.

It's just a few yards from this tree, which I think has a cool shape. It's also where some of the tools make their home.

There's a great view of the tobacco barn from there. No tobacco has been in it for many years, but barns are incredibly useful things. It's a pity we don't have them in town - we'd probably all be able to get our cars in the garages if we did.

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