Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lunch with One of My Favorite People on the Planet

I had lunch today with BC and Cathy. BC, my great nephew, has been one of my favorite people on the planet since he arrived here almost 17 years ago. (April 25 is a  shared birthday for him and Jim.) BC has always been someone with a really pleasing personality. He's just fun to be around - he was that way when he was two and he's that way now.

I was tickled that Cathy called me for lunch with them today. It was good to hear what's going on in his life - from being the regional treasurer for FFA to his leadership classes, to his continual starring roles in hunting and fishing videos. I swear, he has a more active calendar than I do. Fortunately, he also has mom, Cathy, to act as organizer. Maybe if Cathy were organizing my life it would run more smoothly, too. Unfortunately, I think BC's schedule is all she can manage.

I visited with Mattie and Jim a bit today and otherwise just worked on MHA stuff on the computer and on my latest sewing project. I'll try to post some photos soon. It is just too tempting - Mary Ann has the dining room set up for making quilts for there's a sewing machine, rotary cutters and boards, an ironing board, etc. So, it's fun to play.

I did manage to capture a neat sunset tonight. Bobby was down and he and Jackie were working on one of Bobby's guns. I glanced out the window and saw there was a neat sunset happening so I jumped in the car to go get a photo where there were no power lines visible. There are still a few places - albeit very few - where you can get such a view.

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