Saturday, April 07, 2007

Pineapple Souffle

Every family has their inside jokes. In my family, one is that Kim can't cook. Now, of course, this isn't true. But, all the other women in the family are good cooks and we've been doing it for a long time and we don't get too excited about it. Kim wants to know all the details when she starts to cook something, and this has been the cause of much mirth in the family.

One time she wrote down a recipe at Cathy's house and, because she was talking while doing it and went off and forgot the recipe card, which was to be discovered by Bob. Now, we all adore Bob, but he is the ultimate jokester. He could barely wait to call Kim and ask if he could come watch her when she made the pecan pie because he wanted to see how she used the 1 1/2 eggs she had written on the card.

At another family gathering, the subject of mashed potatoes came up. Kim peels one per person. There are three in their family - she peels three potatoes. Cathy and I kind of looked at each other with incredulity, and Cathy said she peels five pounds when it's the three in her family eating. I agreed, that I made a bunch when I made mashed potatoes. When Kim regained her composure, and got somewhat over her shock, she questioned us more throughly, certain she had misunderstood. This has been the subject of much laughter - especially since Kim, ever a good sport, tried peeling more only to have to throw some out.

Well, I think I've painted the picture sufficiently. Kim is very good natured, and invites the cooking jokes at her expense, and the rest of us never disappoint.

Yesterday at Mattie and Jim's, Kim made a Pineapple Souffle. Well, it was quite the hit. One of the gentleman there wanted to know who had made it. Mary Ann answered that it was her daughter-in-law, Kim, at which point this elderly gentleman promptly announced that he would marry the woman that made that.

Today, after he and Leah went home, Johnny called Mary Ann to get Kim's phone number because Leah wanted to get the recipe. I joked with my brother, Jackie, that I hoped Kim called Bob to tell him that she was getting requests for her recipe.

Well, she did, and Bob enjoyed that, too.

I decided I should call and ask for the recipe to share here. I was person number three who had requested it.

When I talked to Kim she recited the ingredients and then said, "is that five?" I said yes, and she said, "OK, that's it then. I don't make anything that's got more than five ingredients." I had forgotten Kim's five-ingredient-rule.

This prompted me to go back and look through the photos from yesterday, to see if I had any pix of the now-famous dish. Fortunately, I did. And in two seperate photos, people are dipping into that very thing.

I particularly enjoyed the fact that Bob is visible in the background here as Joyce dips into the Pineapple Souffle.

Although the photos don't do justice to this now highly sought after item, I did try to crop in on it in the various photos where it was visible. It should be noted this was a double recipe - just so there's no confusion.

And look at it just a few photos later...

We didn't know then what a treasure we had in our midst! I didn't eat any and I'm starting to feel like I really missed out. I guess I'll have to make some myself.

And... just in case you want to do the same... Kim, like all good cooks, generously shared the recipe.

Kim's Famous Pineapple Souffle
that generate marriage proposals and numerous recipe requests
all the while keeping within the five-ingredient-rule

1 8 ounce can crushed pineapple (not lite)
1 stick melted butter
4 slices bread, diced
3 eggs
1/2 cup sugar

Mix all ingredients and bake at 350 degrees in a 2 quart casserole for about 45 minutes.

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