Monday, April 02, 2007

Sunday was the flea market and I got a number of goodies. It was as if every dealer thought, "hmmm... what do we have that Patsy might like? Lets take that today..."

I was barely in the door when I ran across a suitcase full of vintage linens with a beautiful little sign saying, "$1 each." Well, I swear, it's like crack for me. I went through them, gathering a stack in my left hand while I continued to riffle with my right. When the dealer offered to hold them for me I clutched them protectively and shook my head. "No, thank you, I'm... uh... comparing."

There were hand crocheted doilies and embroidered table runners. There were birds and flowers and initials. And lots of hand crocheted lace. Lots of lace. Such a rush.

Then, as I turned to pay I spotted yet another suitcase full of pretties. What a treat. They even gave me a break on the price. How can you beat that?

One of my favorite pieces came from another booth, also for $1. It's a little dish towel with embroidery. That was sweet enough on its own, but when I opened it up to look at the whole design, I spotted these two little patches. I was completely and totally charmed by this.

We live in a time when dishtowels get tossed out pretty quickly, but this one was important enough to be patched and reused. Maybe it was because someone special had done the embroidery. Maybe it was because things just had to be used until they couldn't possibly be used anymore.

Young girls would often practice on something simple like this to learn mending, but if that's the case here she was a quick study. The stitches are quite tiny and perfect.

I also found four little vases - two identical ones in perfect shape, and two others very similar.

I have developed a real affection for these little treasures lately. Interestingly enough, I don't think I've yet found one that didn't have some pink on it. I love pink, but it has been out of favor for some time. I don't think I would paint my walls pink or anything, but I do like touches of it here and there.

I think I have enough of these little vases now, unless I just happen to find one that's unusual or particularly appealing to me.

As I was leaving the flea market, I picked up one last treasure.

This is only part of a quilt, but it is so soft and well-worn. I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet, but I had to bring it home.

After the flea market I did some of the modern "hunting and gathering" necessary for life - grocery shopping, gas in the car, etc. But I got home in time for Teresa to come over at 3:30. We worked on magazine collages for about three hours around the dining room table and then went to dinner.

I actually got one completed today, instead of just pulling out the photos like I usually do. And, I have a foot high stack of magazines to recycle so that's a bonus.

Jocelyn joined us for dinner. She had thought about coming over and doing collages, but decided to spend time organizing instead. It was great to see her and catch up a bit.

I wish I had one more day of weekend. I guess everyone always does.

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