Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hail in Hutchinson

This afternoon we have had one of those storms I dread - a hail storm in Hutchinson, Kansas. As you can tell, we had some significantly sized hail. I just scooped these up out of the yard and took a photo on the porch so they had already melted a little bit.

It came with lots of rain. The white swirls you see on my walkway are hail that is being swept away with the torrent of water toward the sidewalk.

I haven't been able to go look at the car yet, but I'm sure it shows signs of the events. I'm also certain my flowers didn't enjoy this too much. I may have to replant my herbs and tomatoes.

I couldn't even go out to get a photo because it was hailing onto my covered porch. I tried to go out twice before I did, but the hail was pelting my lower legs so hard I couldn't stand to be out. That was on my covered porch. But, as you can see, it accumulated some hail.

I guess there's nothing left to do except call the insurance agents. I don't relish dealing with all that. My guess is I may have some roof damage as well. We'll see.

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