Monday, May 07, 2007

Happy News

It is time for some happy news on this blog. This weekend was to be a delightful time with friends visitng, the annual art fair, tea, and other such happy surprises. Those things still happened, but all of Kansas is grieving with the people of Greensburg, knowing that it could be any other town at any time.

But, I decided to post some happy news nonetheless.

Saturday was the annual art fair in Hutchinson, They are in their 43rd year. I got to see a number of friends who were exhibiting - Jocelyn, Jeanette and Pat were all there. Greg's girlfriend, Mia, came from Joplin to do the show. I also ran into a number of people I know who were shopping. However, I didn't go until the afternoon - after Mark and I made a run to Roy's - and officials closed it down because they expected bad weather.

Mia was selling her jewelry - she does beautiful pieces and this is one of her latest. I am honored to have a bracelet she made for me and I get compliements on it every time I wear it. This blue slag glass is something Diana and I picked up in Arkansas and this looks so pretty on it that I loaned it to Mia for future shows.

This afternoon Mia and I went to tea. It was supposed to be us and Greg, but unbeknowst to us it was for "women and girls" and they were serious about it. I found out about it from a very nice lady who goes to the teas I do for the MHA. She graciously got tickets for us. It was so very kind of her.

Kim Setty, the Channel 12 noon anchor, spoke and did a wonderful presentation. Considering she had been called into work about 1:30 a.m. on Saturday because of the storms, and had worked until midnight, she was looking and sounding very good.

It was more of a "program" than it was a "tea," but it was pleasant and I greatly appreciated Juanita getting tickets for us although I felt bad Greg didn't get to stay. That was just a communication difficulty.

They had some girls from the church do a maypole and that was fun.

And, finally, in other good news... I've mentioned my great nephew, BC, on the blog before. Saturday night was his junior prom. Mary Ann sent me some photos today and I thought I'd share. His girlfriend, Kaitlyn, is a real sweetheart. They go to different high schools and next weekend is her prom so they get to get all dressed up again. Maybe I'll get more photos to share.


FleaSpeech said...

I *love* that tea pot!

Patsy Terrell said...

There was a pink teapot just like it. I love them both... very cool!