Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Nice Normal Day

Today was a nice, normal day - some work, some fun, some friends, some outdoors, some conversation. Daily life is something we just don't fully appreciate most of the time. I try to remain thankful at all times, but sometimes it's easy to let life just happen without taking note of it.

But, today I made a conscious effort to be thankful. I was very thankful I got a good report at the dentist. I am one of those people who has a small fortune invested in dental work so hearing the dentist say I do not need to give him more money is always reason for celebration. As I wrote the $135 check for today's cleaning, bite-wing xrays and exam I was thankful to not have to do that again soon.

I continued dispensing money at various locales including buying gasoline. It was $3.09 for a few days and I was hoping it would go down. Two days ago it went up to $3.19. I decided my waiting method wasn't working out too well and filled up. How is it that while we're fighting a war for oil I keep paying more at the pump? Frankly, I don't pay too much attention to it - I drive until my car needs gas then I stop and fill up with gas. I drive again until I need gas and repeat the procedure. I am just not going to drive out of my way to buy gas at a penny less a gallon.

Late today I went and got more plants. I bought three more tomato plants and some more herbs. I also got cilantro, coriander and French tarragon and a couple of additional flowers. I think I need to make notes about when things are blooming and such. This must be why people keep garden notebooks.

My "garden notebook" consists of a composition book I painted (which looks very cool by the way) and then taped in the little pegs that tell you what flower is what. I'll admit, it's not much of a system. But, it's something. I did that last year. Well, with most of the things. I did just toss out some little pegs when it was winter and I still hadn't gotten it done. But, as I look at my flower bed I see the wisdom in knowing what came up and what didn't. I grow more fond of perennials by the moment.

Of course, it would be more logical to do that on computer I guess - just taking periodic snapshots. If I could just find a few more hours in each day I could get all these little things done that I think about doing. Honest to goodness, I'm not a person who takes much down time now - it's not like I'm sitting around doing nothing.

The funniest part of the day - when I got in the car today there was this high pitched whine. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I searched the glove compartment. I looked around the car. I even looked under the hood. It was just this faint whine. When Greg and I went out to Stutzman's and Dutch Kitchen tonight he heard it for the first time. He looked a little bit. He couldn't find it. So, we're leaving Dutch Kitchen and he opens the console and it's suddenly much louder. He roots around in there and pulls out my pedometer, who's battery was going down apparently. Mystery solved.

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