Friday, June 01, 2007

The Day

The high point of my day was lunch with Dorothy - other than that I've just been working at the computer and moving things around in my house. It seems I do a tremendous amount of both of those things. However, neither of them ever seems to be completed. I'm not sure how that can be, but it is.

Moving things around in the home office I have managed to make new, taller piles. Piles of cookbooks to be reviewed. Piles of garden tour stuff to be dealt with. Piles of things to be glued down in bits and pieces books. Piles of paper to be sorted, filed, shredded, etc. Piles, piles and more piles.

Tomorrow is recycling day and as it is every time, the space in front of my house is covered with bags. For one person I seem to generate a huge amount of such things. It seems every other week when it's recycling day I have the typical blue bags but also at least one cardboard box, sometimes more. They'll all be very wet tomorrow because...

It is raining here again. We do not need rain. We need the rain to stop so the flooding will stop. They're saying we might get hail. I'd just as soon it come now before I get things repaired from last week's storm so I can do it all at once.

I swear, all we need now is a good crop of locusts. And, as if on cue, I keep hearing about cicadas making their 17 year appearance this year. However, I think we are a bit out of their area. Pity. It would be the perfect addition.

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