Friday, June 22, 2007

Writing Desk

This is where I spend many of my early mornings and late nights - at my writing desk in the downstairs sunporch.

In the last few weeks I've watched flooding, passersby and sunrise out those windows. It truly is a window on the world - at least my little tiny bit of it. I'm often accompanied by a cup of tea while I observe the world and its inhabitants.

I also get far more writing done by having a place devoted to that pursuit. And when I say writing I mean journaling and letter writing. This is a spot devoted solely to writing with pen on paper - not by computer. The writing one does on paper is different than that done by keyboard. Those functions use different parts of the brain.

If you don't have a specific place for doing whatever you value, I urge you to create one. The things that nurture your soul are deserving of a place to engage in them.

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