Saturday, July 21, 2007

Muggle Seclusion (No Spoilers)

I am largely in seclusion this weekend, reading the new Harry Potter book. I am trying to make myself take care of basic life needs as well, but I want to read it before some fool spoils it for me. I'm barely checking in online because I don't want to run across a headline that says, "Potter Dead, Fans Devastated" or anything like that. I want to find out what happens and be surprised.

We went to lunch at Roys but I'm cooking at home tonight. I'm not risking being out in the world where I might hear something I don't want to hear. The TV is off. The Radio is off  I'm not surfing. I'm barely reading email.

Well... I left off at Chapter 13 I believe... I must get back to my book... I'm not a particularly fast reader, and I'd really like to savor the book, but I don't want to risk it being spoiled for me. At some point I think it would be fun to reread all of them in order again over a short time period. I forget so many details that that would be good for me to get the nuances.

I'm thrilled that children - and adults - have had a reason to read the last few years.

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