Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Day Off

I took a day off today. A whole day. Well, aside from phone calls, which I still answered... and email. But I didn't do anything other than essentials. Well, not anything for work. I worked on personal stuff all day.

I slept late, worked in the studio, went to Roy's for lunch, worked more in the studio, fixed myself a sandwich for dinner, and worked more in the studio.

Last night Greg came upstairs to the studio and looked at it in prep for taking some photos for They interviewed me a couple of weeks ago but I was so swamped with tea stuff that I haven't followed up. They want three photos - something art related, home related and garden related. Greg will do them for me, which is great, because I wouldn't let someone I don't know well into my studio.

Everything in there is pretty messy. Last night Greg suggested I "embrace the clutter," that it just looked like a creative person lived and worked in that space. He snapped this pic last night.

You can see there's lots of stuff junked on the shelves and the table. But, I work on that table, so it's understandable it would be full of stuff.

All day I was mentally prepared to "embrace the clutter," figuring the pic would run small enough it wouldn't be too much of a problem. And, besides, I thought Greg was right - it just looks like a space that someone actually uses.

Well, tonight I was looking for something. And looking. And looking. As I continued to look and put things where they "belong," as much as anything has a place in that room, I realized I was cleaning up in there. It was an accident, really, but then I was so close to having the shelves organized I wanted to finish it.

So, it's not as messy now, but it still isn't exactly "tidy," - just better.

It gave me something to do when the painting wasn't going so well, too. Apparently I exceeded the amount of paint fumes I should inhale because I lost all ability to make wise color choices and draw lines this evening. Oh well, I'm sure I will be back to normal tomorrow. It would be even better if I had improved, but I'm not optimistic about that.

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