Monday, September 17, 2007

I slept 10 hours last night - practically unheard of for me. That's about two night's sleep for me, instead of one. But, considering I got up at 2 a.m. to go to the Hillsboro show, and stayed up until 10 last night, it's understandable I would need some sleep.

This morning I went to breakfast with Mark and then I started unloading the van. I hate the hauling. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. I hate loading. I hate unloading. I hate hauling. But, I made a dent in it today - didn't get finished, but accomplished some of it.

And, I started doing the laundry. Every tablecloth we took with us was soaked, of course, due to the torrential rain that fell all day. Not sure if I mentioned in yesterday's post that the sun came out just as we were getting ready to unload and was bright enough that I had to squint all the way home. It was in the 90s today, but not above 50 yesterday. Delightful.

We were out in it all day, of course. Mia and I were miserable. Greg snapped a photo of us near the end of the day. You know why we're looking happy? Because it's about over.

Otherwise, today was pretty laid back. Greg, Mia and I did go to the fair to see Ron Diamond, the hypnotist. I'd seen a couple of his shows earlier this week. He's always wonderful.

Tonight there were about 10 people in the audience that went under. I've never seen that many. It was a good show.

One of the routines he has people do sometimes is he'll ask all the men to believe they are finalists in a body building competition and give their best moves. Tonight one guy ripped his wife beater in half as part of his competition. It was hilarious. Fortunately, he was a guy you didn't mind seeing with his shirt off.

Another of my favorite routines is when he has them pretend they're the village people and plays YMCA. It's just as funny as you would imagine.

The Kansas State Fair wrapped up tonight after 10 full days. I always enjoy it on multiple levels. I took some more photos, which hopefully I'll get to share over the next few days, but I decided the grand champion wheat would be critical since this is Kansas and all.

Cross Bell Farms of Deerfield, Kansas won the grand champion ribbon. Will Frusher of Ness City, Kansas is the Reserve Grand Champion. You can't have a fiar without ribbons and wheat. And ribbons on wheat.

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Anonymous said...

Came to the same conclusion you did about Hillsboro. I would go again and hope for better weather and realize it would be mostly crafts. However, I was inspired to "do art" more than ever, looks like we need it. Bet you would really enjoy the Salina Riverfest next June. They have great art there! Loved meeting you too! Hung your wall piece on our sunporch by a freefloating spiral of stained glass hummingbirds and it really adds! Thanks for your contribution. See you at the tea, perhaps.We came home by way of the 400 mile garage sale up on US 36....headed to see the Missouri River at Atchison after church yesterday...then went out and took 315 photos this a.m. in the Kansas southwind...KANSAS is the adventure you make it, right? :-)deb