Saturday, September 08, 2007

It's The Weekend - Thank Heavens

I am so ready for the weekend. I finished my grant this afternoon and got it sent right at the deadline, which is always when I get such things sent because I agonize over them. Grant writing is not my favorite thing and this one is a really important one so it has taken some stomach lining. I'm not sure how much more stomach lining I have to give to such things. It's starting to feel pretty used up.

And I hate the hoops they make you jump through - just because they can as far as I can tell. For example, on this one I had to get a letter signed by the board president saying we really wanted to do this. What? Like my board president would say, uh, no, uh, I don't think it's a good idea to fulfill the mission of our organization. But, I dutifully wrote the letter, printed it out, and got it signed and faxed it off. Busy work. I've got more real work than I have time to do and they want me to spend time on busy work.

I was up until after 3 last night working on it and got up at 6 to work on it some more. At 5 this afternoon, after it was sent I went to bed and slept off and on until about 9 tonight. But, since then I've been enjoying the fact that I have two whole days in front of me without any obligations other than those of my own choosing.

I have two freelance projects to do this weekend - a graphic design job and a magazine column to write. Other than those two things I'm going to focus my attention on the art show. I've done pretty well in my quest to get things finished, but I'm not completely done with that, so I want to keep working on it. I don't want to be up until the middle of the night next Friday and then a zombie all day Saturday.

I went to lunch with Trish today and we talked more about my latest Patsy theory on internal vs. external. The other night at Creative Sisterhood, after some excellent questions from others, I realized that part of the reason those of us who are internally focused need new and different is that that is what expands our internal world. I'm going to examine this more in my journals.

The other thing I'm realizing is that I continue to need more beauty in my life. Tonight I've been looking through some photos I took for the blog over the last year or two that I want to use in some art projects. I am reminded of just how much beauty one can find in daily life if you're just looking for it. Or maybe if you're just aware of it, not even necessarily looking.

Last night at Cheney I snapped this photo of a tree. It struck me that it looked very winter like, even though fall has not officially arrived.

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