Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dinner with Friends

Before I went to Kentucky, I got a little behind on my blogging. I've been remiss in not sharing that Andrea had John, Kris and me over for homemade pizza one night. It was amazing!

Andrea is an exceptional cook anyway, and to have those skills applied to something you rarely get made from scratch, well... it was good stuff, let me tell you.

Of course, Kris and I had to take another pic together. Although, I'm not looking very cute in this one. All the more reason to take another one soon.

I really enjoy John and Kris. I'm so glad Andrea introduced us. They are my kind of people - open to exploring and interested in a wide variety of things.

Andrea also served this amazing drink that night - it was a lemon-basil-vodka concoction that was really refreshing. I only drank a little bit but it was really good. Andrea said it was made with some basil from my garden and that was definitely a worthwhile use of it.

It was a lovely evening, complete with games as the evening wore on. Fun, fun, fun.

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