Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Victoria Magazine

I went to pick up my mail today that I'd had held while I was in Kentucky. It wasn't a very big stack for over a week, but it had something exciting in it. Isn't that always the best part of mail?

Deep in this stack was my copy of the new Victoria Magazine.

As soon as I found it I began planning a long bubble bath, which is one of my favorite places to read. I keep a magazine rack by the tub and read a great deal while soaking.

A new Victoria also required a cup of tea - blackberry-sage flavored.

I subscribed to Victoria from its inception until its demise. I grieved for it and have missed it ever since it went away. When I learned it was being resurrected by a different publisher, I was excited, but also holding my breath. I couldn't imagine they could really recapture the magic of the original Victoria. I feared it would be a movie sequel that doesn't quite do justice to the name.

Well, my review is positive, but with reservations.

This is NOT the old Victoria. It doesn't have the amazing, soft focus photos that draw you in. It does not have the layout and design that transports you to another world. It does not even have the high quality paper the original Victoria was printed on.

BUT, it is worthwhile in its own right. It's a new Victoria, and it has potential. I loved the piece with Alexandra Stoddard. It is a magazine I will look forward to each month.

Maybe you can't ever really recapture something that once was. It doesn't work with lost loves and it doesn't work with old magazines either. But, you can fall in love again - with men and with magazines. I think maybe I might just fall in love with this new Victoria eventually. They have my attention. And the fact that the first issue has a Christmas tree on it just adds luster to its image as far as I'm concerned.

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Anonymous said...

the covers of the "old" Victoria felt like they were taken in an actual Victorian parlor with the sound of petticoats russling in the background. The cover of the "new" Victoria managazine looks staged....