Friday, November 23, 2007


Do you ever feel like the world is conspiring to make you happy?

Well, I do.

And the last couple of days are a prime example. Admittedly, there have been a couple of little snags - from the post office deciding the little cards I wanted to put in with my Christmas letter were "non-machineable" to dropping the 3/4 of a pumpkin pie I had left from yesterday and not only losing the pie, but also breaking the pie plate, which was one of my favorites. Oops. Oh well... I guess I didn't need to eat more pie. It was good, too. And the crust was good - I tried a new recipe. I'm always hunting for the perfect pie crust. And, yes, I know, my pie crusts are ugly. I can make them pretty or good - but not both simultaneously. This one was good.

Last night Terry dropped by and brought me some turkey and dressing his sister had made. I had finished my take out turkey from Roy's, so that was a nice treat. And, he's just such a nice guy to be thinking of such things.

This morning I woke up very early but there were no sales for me to hit until 7 a.m. when Office Max opened. It was 10 degrees, so I wasn't about to stand outside for a few hours.

I got to Office Max at 6:55 and waited in my car with the heater on until 6:58. By 7:05 I had purchased the three things I came for - all at great prices - and was back in the car. How could that be when there are huge lines all over the country?

Well, because corporate decided that our Office Max was not going to participate in the ad for black Friday. Of course, all of us had done just as the ads have been telling us to do and seen the deals online, so we expected to get the deals at our local store. People also had the ad from other newspapers. The local manager, fortunately, was smart enough to realize this and was prepared to let us have whatever they had in stock at the ad prices. I bought a Zune and a mini sd card for my cell phone. I also picked up an external hard drive for Greg.

So corporate's foolishness worked in my favor. I'm not complaining a bit.

I came home and crawled back under the electric blanket, napped for a bit, then got up and have had a lovely day of working on Christmas things and puttering around the house.

Then, tonight, the capper of the day...

Yes! It's snowing! I love snow!

I didn't even know it until I heard the weather. I couldn't resist going outside to snap a couple of pix, although since it was dark they're not the best.

The welcome mat was just starting to get covered.

And my little tree Bob planted in 2005 had a blanket of snow at its feet.

This would be one of those times that would seem perfect for the pajamas I wrote about recently. But, I'm in a sweatshirt instead, and intend to spend the rest of the night working on the tree and doing other Christmas-related things.

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