Monday, December 10, 2007

Ice storm in Hutchinson Kansas

We are in the midst of an ice storm here in Hutchinson Kansas. I have no net access except on the phone. It's only raining so far but it's 32 degrees so it's freezing on the trees and power lines. My power has been off three times but it's on right now.

In the big storm of 2005 I never lost power so the fact that it has been off three times in the last three hours doesn't seem like good news. And it's flickering now.

I have the heat turned way up and the electric blanket on to keep things as warm as possible in the event the power goes. Doesn't it seem bizarre that something we're so dependent on is at the whims of the weather?

The cable company is rather laissez faire about the fact that people have no access to tv weather or the internet or phones for those who have their phone through cable. They said they'd get to it tomorrow.

Things look beautiful outside - if only it weren't for the threat of no heat.

Speaking of which... The power just went off again... And stayed off. I have 5 minutes of battery backup. Looks like I'm done for the night.
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