Friday, December 14, 2007


We had sun today... it felt like a heat wave with temperatures near 40 degrees. Lots and lots of ice melted away. And things were very pretty while the sun was shining.

Of course, some trees are pretty much gone...

At various stoplights around town you'll see city trucks parked. If you look more closely you'll see generators running stop lights. It's the latest thing. What? Your town is doing it the old fashioned way?

While today was warmer and sunshiney, tomorrow the forecast is for snow. Hutchinson is expected to be in the worst part of the storm, getting 6-8 inches. That isn't exactly what I would have asked for if anyone had inquired what I'd like. I generally love snow, and if I could be tucked into my warm house with the Christmas lights on enjoying it, it would be OK. But, the idea of trudging back and forth in it and never having a place to really get warm is less appealing. But whatever will be, will be. We'll see what the morrow brings!

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