Sunday, January 13, 2008

McVities HobNobs

There are a few things for which I have an unnatural love. One of them is McVitie's HobNobs - Nobbly, Oaty Biscuits.

When I was in England I ate these practically every day. They were plentiful there, readily available. I loved them. I called the company after I got back and tried to find a way to lay my hands on them in the US. At the time, that was not to be done.

So, imagine my delight when I was at the World Food Market in Paducah the day after Christmas and spotted them on the shelf. I bought a package and have been saving them as a treat. Do you know how much it takes to distract me from Christmas things on Dec. 26? It's a feat.

Today is the day I get a treat.

And, how should one enjoy HobNobs? With tea in one's favorite cup from England, of course. I bought this mug in Bath and it remains one of my very favorite mugs - it fits my hand well, I like the shape of it, and I enjoy feeling the relief on the front. I drink from it on a regular basis. But this is the first time I've gotten to enjoy HobNobs while doing so.

The question you might be asking is why do I deserve a treat. Well, because I've been a good girl. I have been hauling Christmas stuff to the basement today. I've undecorated another small tree.

And, I also did something else today that is deserving of a treat. I hauled a big bag of stuff to Salvation Army. That, alone, is worth a treat. But, in the bag were some things that reminded me of old boyfriends that I've been hanging onto for a very long time. I just decided I didn't need to start a new year with any of those things hanging around. They were things that were really difficult to part with for a variety of reasons. But, today was the day.

So, like fat people everywhere who use food for rewards, I'm now enjoying a treat of food. Dammit. Nothing is ever simple, is it? Oh well... I think I'll have another HobNob and forget about that part and just go back to the patting myself on the back part.


Jane said...

I used to live in the town where the McVities factory is...Stockport in Cheshire. On Fridays we would drive past the factory with our windows wound down just to smell the air because on Fridays they would make the hobnobs and the air smelled of oats and golden syrup was delicious!

I like the mug. My parents live in Yeovil...about an hour from Bath - we used to go to Bath often to go shopping. There is a wonderful pie shop there that has huge line ups every lunchtime. We'd buy cornish pasties and apple turnovers and then go and sit in the park near the Royal Crescent and eat them :)

I miss the history of the UK. Canada is beautiful but we have no histroy here.

Jane said...

ps. My Husband is crazy about chocolate hobnobs...they don't last long in this house!

Patsy Terrell said...

I'm sure that smelled amazing! Those didn't last long in my house, either. I snarfed them down quickly!

I wouldn't mind a tour of that factory. :)

Patsy Terrell said...

I haven't ever had the chocolate ones... but I'm certain I would love them.