Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Politics in New Hampshire

Maybe I should move to New Hampshire. Obviously, I'm more in sync with the people there. I've been saying for about three years - before they were running - that this election would be McCain v. Clinton.

Now, before I get all uppity like pollsters have, lets be clear that we have no freaking idea how it will all play out. There's still some time before the election and a lot can happen.

I'm a Hillary supporter. I've been very clear about that. I like Obama and I like Richardson, but I'm a Clinton gal. I love Bill. I love Hillary. I want them back in the white house. Why? Well, because in my entire life the 8 years when Clinton was in the white house is the only time we've had peace and prosperity. What's not to like? I like peace. I like prosperity. I'd like some more of both, thank you. So far, only Clintons have proven to me they can produce those results.

Historically, when Republicans are in the white house our debt increases exponentially. The only exception in modern times is the Carter administration, where there were some unusual circumstances.

And, of course, there's the "O Factor," what will Oprah's involvement do? We'll see. I like Oprah, but I hope to goodness people's votes cannot be bought by a handshake from a TV star. I know she's a big star, and she is a smart woman I believe, but lets keep a little perspective.

I've been amazed at how many people turned their backs on Hillary after Obama's win in Iowa. Are we really so wishy-washy that we can't make up our own minds, but have to just follow the trend of the day? Apparently, yes. Thank God voters in New Hampshire are smarter than the average person who follows the whims as they are laid out by the "news" organizations. And, no, those quotes are not a mistake.

Maybe I should consider a move to New Hampshire because they are obviously my kind of people. I've had my mind made up for many months - before she even announced. Obama's win in Iowa did not change my mind. Nothing changed about either candidate except how a group of voters in Iowa was seeing them. That doesn't impact how I see them.

I like Obama, but to go around talking about how you didn't support the war doesn't count when you weren't even in the Senate at the time the vote was made. Making a speech against war isn't the same as having a responsibility to vote and being told that there are weapons of mass destruction. I made more than one speech against war and I'm not qualified to be president, either.

That whole thing just points out that you don't have much experience on the national - and certainly not the international - stage. I'm afraid that's a serious problem at this point in our history. Eight years from now, with more experience on the national stage, I could be a big supporter. But right now I want Hillary, who will also have the counsel of Bill.

As I heard a pundit say one day - "One thing I've learned in politics is, never bet against a Clinton."

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