Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bridges of Miller County

This weekend I'm with friends in Missouri on what's called the "Food Coma Caravan." Carl, the organizer, has managed to accomplish what doctors and psychiatrists have been unable to do for me - he has managed to make me NOT want to eat. Oh that he could bottle this...

I should explain...

Every year Carl plans a weekend of going dot to dot to cool old restaurants, staying in cool old places. This weekend it's in Missouri. Carl and his wife, Kris, and Mark are here from KC. Greg and Mia are here. And yesterday Todd and Tara, a guy Carl works with and his wife, joined us. We also have "flat Wayne" with us, which requires more explanation than I'm up to doing tonight.

Yesterday we saw these cool old bridges with boards laying across a support structure. And there was food... lots of food... great food... And a wonderful, wonderful time with friends. I needed some fun... and this has definitely been fun.

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