Thursday, March 27, 2008

Book Group Successful

Tonight was the first ever "Ad Hoc Book Group Gathering." There were six of us - Teresa, Diana, Cleta, Kathie, Julie and me - and it was a good experience. We all agreed we enjoyed, "Eat, Pray, Love."

It's good to hear other people's perspectives. People pointed out things I had missed or forgotten.

This is one of the ways I think we can create a new way of social connection. When Dr. Robert Putnam spoke here he challenged us to come up with new approaches, and I think the relaxed scheduling is appealing to people. I know it's appealing to me. I just can't add one more thing to my schedule that is "every fourth Tuesday..." or whatever. It's just too much.

I'm not sure when or if we'll do another book. I don't have anything on my list right now that I think would be good for discussion. Julie suggested "Middlesex," which she just finished. I'm just not interested in discussing that - it's too dense for me. I read it a year or so ago and remember very little about it as far as details. It does have one of the best opening lines of any book I've ever read.

I'm sure something else will come along that seems like a good book for discussion. I'd like something similar to "Eat, Pray, Love," but there's a reason it's so extraordinary. There aren't piles of books like it out there, waiting for us to pick up.

If you have suggestions, I'd love to hear them. I'm always on the hunt for good books. Thoughtful books.

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Jane said...

The Girls by Lori Lansen is a wonderful book. I read it after The Glass Castle and much preferred it - I had to keep reminding myself that it's fiction!

It is my favourite book of recent years.

I also love anything written by Gail Anderson Dargatz - I can lose myself in the characters and I love that the stories are based in and around the wonderful Alberta scenery that I live in! 'The Cure for Death by Lightning' or 'A Recipe for Bees' are both wonderful novels :)

I think I am the only person in North America who did not enjoy Eat Pray Love.