Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Weekend

Greg and I kicked off Easter Weekend Friday night with a trip to ye olde Wal-mart where this perfect little bunny jumped off the shelf and right into my cart. How can you ignore him with his jaunty little ear perked up? He is now residing in my home, as you might expect.

We went to Roy's today. I hadn't been all week, which is unusual for me, but it has been a busy week and I've been so sick, too. Anne wasn't there because she was sick so Debbie was taking orders. They had a ton of things going out the door because the NJCAA tournament is going on here and also because tomorrow is Easter.

It's the first time in a long time I've seen this much of a line before noon, waiting to even get to the door, to wait in the line for food inside. Greg took this photo of people reflected in the window outside. Of course, we were able to get the photo because, we, too, were waiting outside.

They were so overwhelmed I was wiping off tables for them. I've offered before at times when they've been really busy, but today is the first day they've let me. I was happy, happy, happy to be able to help a little bit. They take very good care of me. As you might expect, I have a certain way I like my BBQ cut and Ryan always does it just that way. I know they give me special treatment so wiping a few tables was the least I could do.

Tonight we went to Dutch Kitchen, thinking it would not be very busy since it's a little out of town. It was a good choice. As we were paying there was much laughter in the dining room and we walked back in to find a young man with pie on this face. Literally.

Apparently it's a tradition there to put a pie in the face of employees on their last night. Tonight was his. He was a very good sport about it - saying the pie was tasty. I can believe that as the Dutch Kitchen makes very good pie, although I'm guessing this was more whipped cream than anything else.

It has been a pretty quiet day otherwise. I feel a little better than yesterday. Thank goodness I started my fourth round of antibiotics on Tuesday - I have been getting sicker since then so I can't imagine how I would have felt if I hadn't had them. I can't believe there are any little germs left in me - I've been on antibiotics more than half of the last 60 days, but nonetheless that would seem to be the case. I'm certain this will finally destroy the little buggers.

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