Sunday, March 16, 2008

Website Work

It's always on my list, but I finally got around to starting work on redoing my website. The blog will be the last thing to get redone. And, frankly, I could easily put it aside and it could be many months before it gets done. Why? Because I find website work to be unbelievably dull.

It's pure drudgery to me. But, I'm thankful I can do the basics on my own because people get paid big bucks to do website design. I think because people want real money to sit at a keyboard and do the same thing over and over again until carpal tunnel or boredom overtakes them. Who could blame them? I'm not sure people could pay me enough to spend my days doing it.

Obviously, I've only started the redo and have many, many, many things to write, create, update, etc. etc. etc. I have needed to do this for a very long time. At least I got started. I'm a long way from being done. But to get done one must start.

Check for the blog, art, and more.

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