Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Anti-Freeze is a Pretty Green Color

Antifreeze is a pretty green color. However, it's considerably less attractive when it's unexpectedly in massive quantities on the pavement under and around your parked car.

Greg and I went to Skaets after work today and when we came out there was a river of green under and behind my car. I thought, "hmmm... was that there when I went in?" A quick turn of the key, and seeing the "Low Coolant" warning on the dashboard, told me that it was from my car.

Oddly enough, late this afternoon I had called to make an appointment for an oil change. Surprisingly, they could get me in tomorrow. How convenient, huh?

I had some bottled water in the trunk of the car that I had bought two winters ago to make sure I always had water with me when on the road. I had thought about tossing it because it had been in the plastic so long. But, tonight it went into the radiator instead. We drove the few blocks to the repair shop, with the heat going, which wasn't a problem tonight because heat was welcome.  (If your car starts to overheat, run the heater - winter or summer - it draws air over everything and cools it off a bit.) The car never even got near being hot, and we were still trailing a stream of water, tinted green, by the time we got there.

Terry, so often the rescuer, drove down and got us and took us back to Greg's. My van was there because he had used it to get some plywood. I'm fortunate I have another vehicle I can drive while mine is being repaired. Obviously, they hadn't planned on it being anything this complex. But, of course, it could be something very simple. We'll see. I left Jason a note on the dashboard.

Life is full of surprises!

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