Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friday Night

I decided to email a few people and see if folks would want to meet at the Anchor Inn for dinner tonight. Seven of us were there. It was a good group. We laughed a lot and then five of us went to the Fox to see Waitress.

Jan had this beautiful green purse and when I sat down next to her my first words after "hello" were "cute purse." As I reached over to touch it I said, "oooh... what a cute purse... I covet this purse." Jan just starts taking stuff out of it and says, "I want you to have it." I protested - genuinely - "Jan, I can't take your purse!" "No," she insisted. "I want you to have it." By this time she had removed the THREE things she had in it. (billfold, cell phone, keys)

Anyway, overwhelmed by her generosity, I said, "thank you, thank you so much, that's so sweet." I really couldn't believe she just handed it over. And it is a really cute purse, as you can clearly see in the photo. What you can't see is that it has a really pretty lining in it, too.

Once I was at the car, where I could let my own purse contents - which include far more than three things - explode, I put the essentials into the new purse for our trip to the Fox.

What a cute movie Waitress is. Greg said he left desperately wanting pie. Nancy wants to know what the green pie was, and so do I. It wasn't key lime. It looked more like guacamole. Maybe we thought that because we'd all just eaten guacamole, but I don't think so. I loved Andy Griffith in it. He was my favorite character. And, I'm sorry, but girls that skinny can't make pie that good. I'm sure that's the reason they get her pregnant in the movie - we can only suspend disbelief for so long.

As you might expect, I have Greg to thank for the photos. He had a nice perk in his evening. Between dinner and the movie he ran home to do something and checked his email. He had email from Maxim magazine, wanting to buy a photo from him. So, he had dinner, sold a photo to Maxim, and then saw the movie. Not bad for a Friday evening.

We all had good nights. In addition to the cool purse, I got a call from Gary that he has found another garden for the Hutchinson Garden Tour set for June 22. So, all in all, a good evening.

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