Thursday, April 10, 2008


Teresa and I had a wonderful dinner tonight. We spent it dissecting our collages and the layers of meaning in them. We love this sort of thing. And we can't understand why everyone doesn't want to do this. But, alas, we know that is not the case.

Maybe our shared affection for such things is part of the reason we have been friends for so long. I haven't done the math, but I'm sure it's more than 15 years now, maybe closer to 20. The time does fly, doesn't it?

Teresa is someone who's very spontaneous - always ready to do whatever - I love that about her. When I was planning the weekend in Ramona I just assumed Teresa would want to go. She likes the same sort of things I do, and she's always willing to try something new. She's someone I can call last minute for lunch or dinner and if she's not busy she'll generally go. I like it when people will just DO instead of contemplating it for forever.

She is a talented artist, as you can see in her collage, which has a balance of color, pattern and form.

I looked back through my photos and found this one where she was doing the first "rough draft" layout.

Teresa is someone I know I can rely on for the truth - told in a very kind, compassionate way. She is an incredibly generous friend and I'm grateful to have her in my life.

Check for the blog, art, and more.

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