Sunday, April 13, 2008

Full Weekend

I've spent some time this weekend journaling about my collage. This is an important part of the process and has been very enlightening for me.

I decided not to go to the poetry event yesterday because I wanted to work on this project. I also didn't want to spend all day outside when it was in the 50s and windy. I get cold. I'm always cold compared to everyone around me - I always have been. I consider the electric blanket to be an under-appreciated marvel of engineering.

Collages have many layers of meaning once you start really looking at them and considering the juxtapositions you didn't notice when you were putting things down. It's also helpful to have other people look at them with you. That's a central part of the visioning process as described in the book. I was very fortunate to have a group to do that with during the weekend. Plus, Teresa and I have talked about them twice since then. She always spots things that might otherwise slip notice.

I do as well, when I take time to look and contemplate. Then it takes me awhile to process it all.

So, that's what I've been doing this weekend, as well as other things. Of course, a Saturday when I'm in town means Roy's generally. I also finished a project I've been working on at home. Pictures will be coming soon of my little project, but I've been working on it off and on for some weeks so I have to assemble the pix from various places on the harddrive.

Then last night I got to have dinner with Tara, who I met on the Food Coma Caravan. (Of course, that's yet another thing I never got around to blogging - seems to happen a lot - and this trip was when Flat Wayne first made an appearance.) She and her husband were in town to visit his family and while he was out with his uncle, she and I went to dinner at Dutch Kitchen. I instantly liked both of them as soon as I met them. Todd worked with Carl, and Carl invited them to join us on the FCC. I was so thrilled they did.

I've been thinking lately that I wanted to add some new friends into my life. In that wonderful way the universe provides, Jade literally walked right into my world - and I'm so thankful. And, then I get an email from Tara that they're going to be in town, which was lovely. She tells me they have a guest room in KC just waiting for me to visit. I always stay with Mark when I go to KC but it might be nice to have a weekend when Tara and I could just talk for a couple of days - and Mark might enjoy not having to play host for a change.

Anyway, when I woke up this morning at 4:08 - way too early for a person who went to bed at midnight - I was thinking how great it is to wake up on a Sunday morning and feel like you've already had a very full, fun and productive weekend - and you still have a full day ahead of you. I tried to go back to sleep for about an hour and finally just gave up and got up.

I'm still running around in a robe, hoping I feel the urge to go back to sleep. I left the aforementioned electric blanket on because one of life's great pleasures is crawling under it when your legs are a little chilly. I know. It's simple. I'm often thrilled by simple things. I think it's one of my secrets to happiness.

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