Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Virtual Age is 30.4

Peter Russell is a futurist. This is the same Peter Russell who worked with Tony Buzan who invented the concept of "mind maps." I've also seen mind maps referred to as "clustering" as a writing tip. I find them helpful and don't use the technique often enough.

Russell now has a test on his website that gives you a "virtual age," which indicates your health and vitality. It considers many things in addition to your physical condition.

My virtual age is 30.4. (This may explain why I perpetually feel like I'm 28.) Based on your virtual age, it gives you a life expectancy. My life expectancy is 90.6 years, or 16,300 days. Very interesting.

Frankly, I like this more than the actuarial tables, which say I'll live to be 75. I prefer 90, thank you. That is, as long as I can be active and actually LIVING. If I'm just being kept alive in the most technical of senses, and am not enjoying living, then I'd rather be gone.

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