Sunday, May 18, 2008

Islamabad Loves Me

OK, that title is misleading, but I couldn't resist.

You may have noticed the little graphic in the sidebar that shows where people are hitting the blog from. It's a cool little toy, but only shows the most recent info and isn't always exact. For example some friends who live in north east Kansas just show up as "Topeka," although none of them actually live in Topeka. It's fun to look at it but if I were really in to stats, I'd use something far better.

But, today I got a real chuckle when I noticed the following:
Islamabad, Islamabad arrived from on "Patsys Ponderings by Patsy Terrell: October 2005"

I must admit tremendous curiosity about what someone in Islamabad might have found interesting from my October 2005 postings. I was interested enough to go look at that month's archives. I'm betting on Gorbachev, but who knows.

The internet is an interesting thing!
Check for the blog, art, and more.

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