Friday, May 16, 2008

Lady of Leisure

When I was young I imagined that by this point in my life I'd be a lady of leisure. I expected to be lying about eating bon-bons, although I wasn't then, and am still not, sure what those are. I thought people - you know, the ubiquitous "my people" - would be taking care of the chores of daily living. This would leave me free to lunch with other ladies of leisure, attend charity events and become a charter member of the garden club.

However, I sit here tonight with grass clippings in my shoes from mowing the lawn - with a push mower no less, I have no people, and nary a bon-bon is to be found in my environs.

These dreams were obviously the result of far too much television viewing because no one in my immediate world was leading a life of leisure. Nonetheless, how, oh how, do these childhood dreams go so desperately awry?

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Anonymous said...

You have all of those things sans the people you pictured serving you.

I had a flash to the past reading your post. Remembering the time when we worked together and you were actively pursuing your vision of being served. Or more specifically, when you were actively telling me how I could serve you and how I was serving you.

Which, quite honestly I would have completely blown off if you had stayed out of observations of how my personal life served your ambitions.

Before I return to my regularly scheduled life I'll say now what I should have said two decades ago.

Your brass ring exists outside my reality.

Which doesn't mean you don't have every right to pursue it. It also doesn't mean that others don't have the same right to join you in your pursuit of it.

All it's ever meant is that we live in different realities.

I know you were being lighthearted. Obviously I'm still too mired in grief from my dad's passing to see the humor.

I do apologize for that and wish you well.