Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mars Landing

This is a shot from Mars. Isn't that an amazing thing in and of itself? That we have a photo of the surface of Mars, and that I can download it right on my computer and send it out again to others in a different context.

This top photo is from "day 0." The lower one from "day 1."

I've been transported back to 1969 and the moon landing in many ways during this. I was too young then to comprehend a whole lot about what was going on, but I was old enough to know it was cool. I remember going outside and looking up at the moon and thinking, "wow, people are up there now."

I'm experiencing the same wonder now. Somewhere I have a little toy of the Mars Rover, which I loved. Now this. Space exploration is the ultimate in long term planning in many ways. It takes many years for the science and the desire to take us to new frontiers. When astronaut Jeff Ashby spoke here a couple of years ago he talked about NASA's motto of "The Moon, Mars and Beyond." It's exciting to be living in these times where technology is such an amazing part of our daily lives.

I love the feeling of delight I have on a daily basis about technology. I can sit in my home office and look at photos from Mars and write and share thoughts with people around the world. It's an incredible time to be alive and to be experiencing all this.
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