Friday, May 30, 2008

Meeting Bob Aronsohn and Baxter and Riley

This is Baxter the dog. I met him today and fell completely in love with him. He already has a human, however. Even if he didn't, I'm afraid I would not be a good dog owner because I'm gone too much. Besides, I'm not even a dog person. Baxter didn't seem to notice that, however. And, frankly, it kind of slipped my mind, too.

I also met Riley, his canine counterpart, when we went to look at a garden for the tour on June 22. Greg went with me to take photos. Have I ever mentioned he's the best ex-bf a girl can have? I'm sure I have - like 40 dozen times - but it bears repeating.

I petted Riley, too, but Baxter was jumping up on my legs, giving me this look of, "hey, pick me up, what is wrong with you, don't you see me here, pick me up, what are you waiting for, pick me up." How could I resist?

I've been doing the garden tour for a few years now and it's always interesting to find the gardens and go meet the home owners. Some people are a little concerned about one thing or another, understandably so, and some people are so casual it's amazing.

This homeowner, Bob Aronsohn., falls into the latter category. He met us at the door and motioned for us to come on into the house and we went through it into the back yard, which is as lush and green as you can imagine a yard being. Just look at the part Riley is not covering up there.

Mr. Aronsohn is a legend in hunting circles, and his house is filled with the evidence of his prowess - from Africa, Argentina and other locales. It was fascinating to talk with him. He is particularly known for crow hunting. I'm working on a passage in my novel now the involves a crow. I didn't know I had such a great resource just a few blocks away.

I was telling him about my brother in Kentucky who loves to duck hunt and Mr. Aronsohn mentioned he is going hunting with a friend from Lexington soon, and knew another hunter in Paducah. I grew up about 25 miles south of Paducah and graduated from the University of Kentucky in Lexington. I guess this would fall into the "small world" category.

Maybe he would let me come visit Baxter again. He said the dog rarely let anyone hold him for any amount of time, but Baxter was so cuddly with me. Did I mention I'm not a dog person?
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