Thursday, July 10, 2008


Greg took this nice pic of Jade and Mark watching the fireworks Friday night. It's so darned handy to have a photographer around. Mia, Greg's girlfriend, was sitting next to Mark, but she was too close for Greg to include in this particular photo.

We had a full weekend, and I have more pix to share. But, as you might guess, I haven't gotten around to dealing with them.

Maybe tomorrow... Maybe this weekend... Maybe I live in a dream world...

OK, we all know I live in a dream world. But, it's so nice and warm and fuzzy and purple in here.

Speaking of dreams... I've been trying to keep a dream journal lately. It's something I've read about for years and something that came up during the writing workshop. I don't quite have the knack of it yet. If I open my eyes, the dreams vanish. Unfortunately, my handwriting when my eyes are closed is not very good. I'm searching for the compromise there. Yesterday morning I kept writing over the sentence I had just written. It might make for a good art piece, but it leaves a bit to be desired in the journal/insight department. Perhaps tomorrow morning will be better. And I'm going to go dream something worth writing. Right now.
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