Saturday, February 14, 2009

Glenn Miller Orchestra

The Glenn Miller Orchestra played in Hutchinson tonight. It was part of the Fox series, although it was held at Memorial Hall. Andrea called a couple of days ago and asked if I wanted to go with her to use Martha's tickets. Although I don't really know the music, I said "yes" because I try to always be open to fun.

Indeed, it was fun.

Most of the people attending were, like us, there to hear the music. But, a good portion of people took advantage of the dance floor that was set up. Unfortunately, no photos were allowed. It's a pity, because there was some great dancing going on. I did sneak some photos of my friends.

Andrea and I were talking about how we saw some of these same people at the chamber dinner last week and would never have imagined they could dance like they do. It was fun to watch people. Most of them were older, but there were a few younger couples, too. I'm amazed at the moves people had - very impressive.

Mia is out for Valentine's Day and she and Greg decided at the last minute to go to see the Glenn Miller Orchestra, too. At one point she leaned over and said, "If you squint a little you can imagine it's 1942." And it was true. It was cool to see people enjoying music from their youth.

I noticed as various songs were announced or started, the audience would "ooh" in unison. I chuckled thinking about it being 30 years from now and wondered if people my age would be having that reaction when things like  "Do you think I'm Sexy" by Rod Stewart or "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" by Meatloaf was announced. Those were the only two songs I could think of from my senior year in high school, which I assume is the correct time frame to elicit that reaction. Unfortunately, neither of those has the same ring as "Stardust." Maybe we'll be too embarrassed to react that way. I can only hope.
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